Day 21

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This morning we went to Bexley Heath and Ivan got a haircut at Club 21 lol sounds like a mens club to me but they were very nice and made me a coffee while i waited, he came out looking so hot and sexy I couldnt stop touching his hair lol.  Then we went to sainsburys for supplies well wine really but some food fell into the trolley too.  Came home Issac Ivan’s nephew was running amok so we took him for a walk in the stroller to the local pub, it was shut but by the time we went across the road to the co-op it was open that was around 3pm for a country this size you’d think that places would be open yeah even the supermarkets dont open til 11am on a sunday ffs anyhoo back home gave Ivan a bit of a massage on account of his bad back and he’s been out to it for like 4 hours now. I cooked myself some dinner with green stuff Yay never thort I would miss it so much. 🙂 now im playing poker on facebook.


Day 20

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WTF 20 days where did that go?? today we went to Bexley Heath and booked Ivan a haircut then we went to a mexican restaurant for lunch had a pitcher of Sangria Woohoo nachos, tacos and quesadilla then onto 10 pen bowling where I definately disgraced myself considering Ivan thrashed me with a shagged back, quick trip to Bluewater shopping centre for some last minute xmas gifts.  As I write this Ivan is crashed out on the sofa ah I’ve worn him out again poor baby. OK just realise my laptop still on NZ me so its only Tuesday phew

Day 4

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